Sunday, 2 September 2007

Summer in review

home improvements
broadband installation at home
purchasing a digital camera
visiting Manchester (2 days)
visiting Paris (6 days)

films: 'Waitress' (v. good); Eagle vs Shark (not so good)
theatre: 'Saint Joan' (interesting, thought-provoking, startlingly contemporary; poor acting from the younger cast members)

'South Of The River', Blake Morrison (technically great; characters objectionable);
'JPod', Douglas Coupland (one of his best, intelligent, laugh-out-loud funny, immensely enjoyable, highly recommended); 'Hey Nostradamus', Douglas Coupland (intelligent, moving, highly recommended)

song of the summer: 'Tears Dry On Their Own', Amy Winehouse ('He walks away/The sun goes down'- so simple yet so emotionally devastating; 6 small words that convey enormous loss simply, starkly, uneqivocally);
various tracks by Keane as posted on Hype Machine