Wednesday, 29 October 2008

more songs of the year

'Paris Is Burning', Ladyhawke
'Kids', MGMT

As a Smiths 'devotee', should I buy the 2cd version of the forthcoming compilation? Decisions, decisions. "Reissue. Repackage. Repackage. Re-evaluate the songs. Double-pack and a photograph. Extra track and a tacky badge." I wonder if Morrissey realised just how ironic those words would become years later in the light of the extensive repackaging of his solo back catalogue and that of The Smiths.


Eiain said...

I so know what you mean, but for me it would be "sod it, lets buy it again".

DTaylor said...

I want a big poster or a print for my wall! I'd put it in a frame, of course. They were such an iconic group; Morrissey , in particular is so photogenic.